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What to Keep…?

So I haven’t written in a while, even though I always comment/say that I am going to do so… it never happens :o(.

Therefore, I thought I would write about a topic that I think all of us can identify with, but don’t talk about… what email to keep. You see, I have been organizing my life, I am a known pack-rat, and I have gotten to my network…. So the question comes up, “What email to keep/archive, what to throw away?”

I have virtually every email I have ever sent/recieved. That’s a ton of email, literally (I get a lot of email, and always have… and people that say, “I get a lot too” don’t understand. While not all valid emails and most are spam (handled at the server thankfully), my server has handled over 55,000 emails in the past 24 hours!

So I started doing something new recently, that’s using folders to put all my read email in and keeping my inbox clean and as a list of items to deal with. When an email/item has been dealt with it gets filed. My current mailbox file that I drag around of “useful” emails, not including my archives, is several gig’s…. Should I keep all of these emails…?