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Clickbait: True Tickets… Giving Venues More Control Over Ticketing

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True Tickets offers venues new ways to control ticket transfer and gather data about who is actually in a seat at the event.

Source: True Tickets Enters The Arena Giving Venues More Control Over Ticketing

Sorry, but this headline is just clickbait! The article talks about how you don’t know who’s in a seat because tickets can get transferred, etc. This has always been an issue, and one that most, if not all, ticketing companies have learned to deal with.

It goes on to say that Blockchain, with its immutable tech, may be the answer… and it may well be, but ticketing (and virtually all other) companies databasing transactions have been keeping records (and trying to make them tamper proof as possible) for pretty much ever. In the olden days, one trick was to capture 2 data streams of information as the process/workflow of selling a ticket happened. That way, you could compare the 2 streams later, and detect discrepancies.

I applaud them for using Tessitura, its a great ticketing system, primarily used for Arts organizations, etc. But the big boys, like Ticketmaster and AXS, already have their own solutions for limiting the transfer and the KYC of ticketing, and have been using it for years (often the use is up to the promoter/artist).

While I applaud the folks at True Ticket for bringing a product to market that obviously has a need, I frown upon the writer who is just pumping sunshine, in an industry that needs a new business model, not new features, to effect real change.