This is my site where I can rant and espouse all kinds of wisdom (read crap) that no one will read…. Occasionally I have something interesting to say, usually with a touch of self-deprecating humor (hey, if I can’t make fun of myself, how do you expect me to make fun of you…?). My name is Jim Goodman (my business cards said James B. Goodman) and I’ve been lucky enough to have some really cool experiences. My father was involved in a venue when I was a child, my mother is cool and loved music (don’t forget that Ph.D. in strategy and economics), so I got to go to a lot of great concerts at a really early age (and be a fly on the wall at interesting business things). After college, I got lucky and had some great opportunities…

I started in the entertainment industry at Ticketmaster, where my clients included The Grateful Dead, Goldenvoice, Cirque du Soleil as well as numerous other venues, promoters and sports franchises (Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Ducks, Dodgers and Angels, etc). My expertise also includes mega-events, having run all ticketing and venues for World Cup USA ’94 and the Manchester Commonwealth Games in 2002. While at Ticketmaster, I conceptualized and was a founder of Ticketmaster Online (which later went public, was acquired, went public again, etc.).

Hired away from Ticketmaster by The Walt Disney Company, I spent time there during the Ovitz period. Subsequently I then went on to be a single digit employee at (one of Ticketmaster’s largest competitors and a startup from Bill Gross’s Idealab! in Pasadena), where I was VP of Product Development and later VP of Strategy, responsible for the roll-up of several ticketing companies and the merger of with Advantix (which later went public and was then acquired by Major League Baseball Media).

I am also founding partner of Applied Ambiguities which developed and operates the award winning mobile application, My consulting company, Breakstone Works, works with large corporations, emerging companies and startups, often in an advisory role, assisting with successful exits, transactions and deals.

I am an avid foodie, wine collector and traveller.

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