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Goodman is a technical founder, advisor, software developer, and serial serial entrepreneur.

Goodman conceptualized, and was a founder of, Ticketmaster Online. At Ticketmaster, his clients included The Grateful Dead, Goldenvoice, and Cirque du Soleil as well as sports franchises including the Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Ducks, Dodgers and Angels. Goodman also ran ticketing and venues for World Cup USA ’94 and the Manchester Commonwealth Games in 2002. While at Ticketmaster, Goodman headed anti-counterfeiting efforts and toured with The Grateful Dead. Decades later, Goodman still holds the record for the most packages shipped by FedEx to residential addresses from a single location, on a single day—they were World Cup tickets.

Goodman was later hired away from Ticketmaster by Disney where he worked from 1995-1997. He became a single digit employee at and was responsible for the industry roll-up that created Ticketmaster’s largest competitor. After, he moved on to Intel where he worked as a Program Manager under Peter Biddle, internet pioneer and who popularized the term darknet.

Goodman co-founded the Corkz app for iPhone in 2008 which launched 45 days after the App Store debuted. It was later featured by Apple in their stores and advertising, and was included in a full page NY Times advertisement by AT&T. Goodman sold his interests in Corkz in 2013.

Decades of experience with startups and has also been responsible for corporate-scale solutions architecture, development operations, logistics management, and business development. He’s an avid foodie, former wine-o, connoisseur and frequent traveller.

Today, Goodman is active in Silicon Beach, and can be found at networking events, bonding over bots, domain collections, and an inexplicable love for building things.