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Ticketron’s 16 Year Anniversary

So today is the 16 year anniversary of Ticketron being “turned off like a light switch” as my boss at the time, Fred Rosen, liked to say. I was working for Ticketmaster at the time and was in the process of transferring from Marketing to Operations (where the larger clients were handled, and clients that were fully “computerized” with the ticketing system, etc.).

A team was put together to do the conversions of the clients that were moving over from Tron’s system to that of Ticketmaster. We would work with the clients that were going to be converted during the day, and do the conversion in teams at night. Teams were required so that work could be double checked and mistakes weren’t made. Much of the conversions were done on “live” events that were currently on-sale, hence the “buddy system” to prevent errors. Those were some long days… from the time that Ticketmaster bought select assets of Ticketron, it was 38 days ’till they were “turned off”!

Why do I mention this? I got an email today from some of the original crew that was involved, both at TM and Tron. It’s a trip down memory lane and interesting to see the list of folks that got the email and where we all are now….