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So Much Crap Written, So Little Time Read, But the Shirts…!

I often talk/type about wanting, or that I should, write more. Lately I have been reading a lot about folks and their blogs and that people really don’t care what you had for breakfast :o)! For the most part, I agree. There are very few blogs/writers that I regularly read, and even then, I think some of what they have to say is just a waste of time…. But of course, I’m different ! I have an opinion. I have smart things to say (yeah, right, let’s face it… I’m a moron)! Really, this is what makes the digital world so “democratic” if you will, it’s not about the medium, it’s about what you say. So with that, let me bore you with a couple of insights….

I have a shirt fetish…. Some women have a lot of shoes. Some men have a lot of ties. I have a lot of shirts. And not just any shirt, but nice tailored shirts, great fabrics, some of them totally obnoxious (wither pattern or color). But don’t think Versace, think more along the lines of British (how they always wear wild socks or the really bold tie). Well, with such a shirt collection, sometimes it’s hard to tell if something is missing, and I just realized the other day that something is. It’s really bumming me out too, ’cause these were great shirts. Yeah, I know, you’re probably saying, “What’s so great about these?” These were a couple of really cool colors, and those are the ones that are hard to find. An orange that is bright, like a prison jumpsuit but not…? Loud but not obnoxious! Now I have to track these down and try to find ’em. See if they are at the cleaners, etc.

What made me notice that these shirts were missing is because my tailor was in town. OK, go ahead and give me a hard time, but yes, I have a tailor. you hear stories of folks that have a tailor in London, or that have their Hong Kong/Singapore tailor and they fly in. I’ve always wanted one but there have been problems. In Europe, the tailors are far too expensive, and even in Hong Kong and Singapore they are getting that way. While I was traveling at the beginning of the year, I found one in Bangkok. Totally reputable, fabulous fabrics and really cheap. I did my homework, which wasn’t easy, and I got one of the best around. I had some stuff made while I was there, and they emailed and said they were coming to town. So I met them and ordered some stuff (shirts, of course).

While they may not have all the garish colors and patterns, they did have the most fabulous Italian cotton fabrics…. They are also going to do a bunch of white shirts for me in an Egyptian cotton (what can I say, my uniform is a pair of jeans, shoes and a crisp white shirt). And the cost for the shirts, even in such great fabrics (the same here in the states would be hundreds of dollars per shirt), a mere $40. It makes custom made/tailored shirts in the finest fabrics less expensive than a cheap machine made shirt at Macy’s :o)!

So, now onto my last rant of the day… people sending you crap via email. My father does this every so often and it can be annoying. Especially when he send political crap as he did recently. He is a republican and voted for the idiot that is currently in office. But he sent out a blast email to a bunch of folks that is political, with one of the topics being that a bunch of Senators voted against english as the national language, and you should call/email their offices and tell them they voted wrong.

What chaps my ass isn’t the fact that he sent the blast email. It isn’t that it’s about a topic that I do not support. What chaps my ass is that it’s about a topic that no one should care about.

The law states that in order to become an American citizen, you must have command of the english language, pass a history test (in english) that I don’t think most American born adults could pass (have you read the statistics or watched Jay Leno lately?), and actually want to be part of the system…. Citizenship is required to vote…. Then why is it a law that ballots are printed in multiple languages?

So let’s stop wasting the time of our congressional members and make them work for their money. Our congressmen and women will spend less than one third of their time actually doing their jobs. Salary and benefits for Congressmen/women are something that most Americans would drool over!

So stop wasting my time and that of our government and do something useful, like improve our schools or provide healthcare to children!