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No Carry-On Liquids…!

Of course…! Totally obvious. When on tour with the Grateful Dead, at certain shows we wouldn’t allow any liquids in due to drugs (you don’t want to know what gets put in a spray bottle at a Dead show…). So liquids as explosives is an obvious one….

Maybe Homeland Security should outsource to folks that actually deal with security all the time, like: Staff Pro, Event Staff, etc. These are the folks that handle security for concerts and sporting events (also other large scale events).

To me it is so obvious the things that need to be done. But admittedly, it’s these security measures (some can be considered overbearing or even oppressive…) and the public that prevents all of them from being implemented. Just like the U.S. public wants to get to the airport 10 minutes before a flight and whiz through security, make the plane, and be safe…. It just doesn’t work that way :o)!