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Los Angeles to Hong Kong

So far so good…. I made Hong Kong in good time although we were an hour late pushing back from the gate in LA. I am typing this as we are about a half an hour out…. My friend Marty would have enjoyed about 10 minutes of the flight. That would have been the part where they rolled a cart down the aisle with virtually nothing but mellon. Now I have to go and catch my flight to Vietnam… then on to Cambodia.

One interesting thing did happen to me in Los Angeles… the woman checking my bags ran me through the wringer about visas and made me wait. She was concerned about me going through Vietnam… In the end all obviously was well.

So I got to Hong Kong and it’s really interesting… Firts, if you htink airline security is tough in the US, then come here…. I got anything that could draw blood confiscated from my toiletries. They even took a pair of cuticle clippers… I mean really, what can anyone do with that other than give a mani/pedi…?

On the upside, there is wireless internet in the Hong Kong Airport :o)! OK, but i have been playing with the wireless and it doesn’t allow anything other than web browsing… all ports are locked down tight… :o(! Ah, but they require a fee, once paid (it’s nominal), all ports are open :o)!