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I can’t believe I let it happen….

So I went out with a friend for drinks tonight…. I didn’t want to go out, but it is my former neighbor and she’s good fun, so we went around the corner for drinks…. To make a long story short, I didn’t want to go out to begin with, I was a bit cranky, etc. Then her roommate came to the bar for a drink. That was all well and good, until at the end of the evening (this is where the “I can’t believe I let it happen” part comes in….). This guy starts talking about how a dance club should be put on the west side and that it would be a no brainer and he doesn’t understand why one hasn’t been done here before…. Well, the conversation got a little heated and I ended up walking out of the bar. While I will admit that walking away was an immature thing to do, but I just couldn’t sit there and listen to a moron who has never run an event, a venue or anything else even remotely close to this (the closest thing this idiot ever did was going out to dance clubs with his friends) tell me about what I have been doing as my vocation for the past gazillion years… Yet another hollywood whatever… :o)

I think it will be the last time for a long while that I go out with these folks…. Life is way to long to be miserable, and these people don’t deserve another moment of my time!