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Angkor Thom, The Bayon and Terrace of Elephant and Leper-King

So I got to Siem Reap today… The flight was uneventful and quick. Then went to the hotel and shortly after headed out to see the sights. We decided to change the itinerary up a bit so that we could avoid some of the people, but we’ll still get it all… ;o)!

In order to get to what we were going to see, you drove right by Angkor Wat. Oh my! But that is for another day, we are going to see it at sunrise tomorrow at 5 a.m. This place is everything that you see in pictures, “Tomb Raider”, etc. and more! It is amazing to see it in the flesh and one of the most amazing sights I have seen, and I have seen a lot! I haven’t even seen most of it yet and I can recommend that everyone should come and see this!

Angkor Thom (images here… all the images are together): you drive up and there is this fabulous gate in a long wall that surrounded the city. Quite interesting as tour busses drive through the gate, some of them with just inches to spare. The real attraction at Angkor Thom is the temple that was located in the ancient city, The Bayon.

The Bayon: most of the pictures at the above link are of The Bayon. This place is amazing. As you approach it’s the image that you have in your mind… The relief carvings along two entire walls tell a story of how they lived, showing games, fights, entertainment and the way they lived. Then you climb to the top and there are all of these Buddha heads with smiling faces looking right at you. Really an amazing sight!

The Terraces: these are impressing for their carvings but not nearly as much so like The Bayon or Angkor Wat. You can see these from the car, literally. But if you go take a close look at them, the carvings are pretty impressive. Go to the Terrace of the Leper-King and there is this small “jog” in the wall. Here the carvings are more complete and haven’t been worn down as much by weather and the elements so you can capture a better image.

What an amazing place and I think it’s only going to get better when we go to Angkor Wat tomorrow. I hope that there aren’t throngs of tourist busses with passengers when we are there so I can get some good shots…. And I can’t wait to see what gets developed from my 35mm pictures. Should be some great stuff :o)!