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Domain Name Values, or… Does Amazon Want to Buy

What are the value of domain names these days…? You could always go and look at something like the Domain Name Journal and see the latest “registered” sales (click on the corresponding year to see the list of known sales… 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007). From these numbers you can see that the value for an easy to spell name for the .com TLD, in a “hot” market, still has quite a bit of value :-)! The most prized names are worth well into 7 figures, while a good .com name is worth an easy and “healthy” 6 figures….

Which brings me to the latter part of my title, “Does Amazon Want to But” You see, I’ve owned the domain for many years. Originally it was an idea for one thing, which morphed into another. This second idea, taking vintage sound recordings not currently available in a “usable” format (CD, tape, etc.) and transferring it to a digital format for repurposing/reissuing, never got off the ground. Lots of folks, were interested, including a couple of the majors, but….

Anyway, I digress! The market is heating up again in the music space. Apple’s iTunes is the de-facto standard that everyone else must knock from the top of the hill. Michael Robertson of fame has a new venture out called AnywhereCD (another called MP3Tunes for that matter), and there is always talk of Amazon entering the music space. The future says that not only are big box retailers selling most of the CD’s these days (recent WSJ article about it), but that they are going to stop carrying them altogether and are going to start selling digitally and via kiosks, offering more product choice, but in less floor space!

With all of this, don’t you think that someone would want to pay good money for such a great domain in the music business…? Even though records don’t technically exist anymore, folks, even young ones, still identify with a “record store” and it’s music sales! So where are you people…? Get in touch with me, I want to sell you….

But please it has value so don’t be insulting, and I won’t be greedy :-)!

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