A Great Kerry Soundbite

Scripting News: Finally a great soundbite from John Kerry, I don’t recall the exact wording, but I’m sure we’ll hear it 18 million times before the election. “I don’t think we should be building fire houses in Baghdad and shutting them down here at home.” It’s perfect. In the same report on NPR, they say Bush no longer wants to be known as The War President, he now wants to be known as The Peace President. Heh. Yeah sure, try to wiggle out of that one. BTW, it’s even worse than it appears. Not only is Bush spending our money to build those Iraqi fire houses, he’s spending money we don’t have. We’re going ever-more-deeply into debt for Iraq. If the Dems could find some way to get that through to the voters, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Reagan, Ann Coulter, et al, aren’t telling them that, for some reason.

Why We Publish

I was asked by someone, more like berated, about why I blog. I said that it was kind of a cathartic process. A way to keep track of my thoughts and musings. A way to keep a record of things I find interesting. In this conversation, I was also asked why I put up pictures and make them publicly viewable, to which I had the same answer.

When it really came down to it, in the end I told this person that it was really their problem with it, not mine. My generation and those that have come after me don’t have the same inherited requirement to privacy. This person found it amazing and disturbing that I would publish like I do. It was as if they were almost offended that I would open up part of my life like this. The funny part about it all is that this person is pretty famous in their respective field and if you were to Google them, not only would you find info about ’em, but also a PR headshot etc. They are even represented by a PR agent, come on, I mean isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

And to top it all off, this person had the audacity to say something to the affect of “What you say on your website isn’t interesting.” Well, that’s just one person’s opinion… we all have ’em and none of ’em are wrong. Maybe they would be shocked to know that I don’t care for what they have to say most of the time either!

Pete’s Wedding

I went to my friend’s wedding over the weekend and had a great time. What a beautiful couple they make, adn it was wonderful to see how they react to each other from just a touch. Should we all be so lucky! I have posted some pictures in my new “gallery“, so go and take a look….

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