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What a great feature! Color Smart: I had been meaning to try this for a while now, having heard of it before. But I am finally getting around to doing something about my bedroom. It’s been painted the same bad lavender color for years now… :o(!

So I hop online and check out some colors that I think I am interested in. I order them, thinking, “Big deal, they just charged me for paint… the only difference is that I don’t have to go to the store!” Well this is a big deal! This morning, there was a box on my door step… a mere few days since ordering. in the box are two other neatly/nicely packed boxes containing not only my paint samples, but a small paint tray and roller for each. I also got large paint swatch color samples thrown in and a nice little booklet with painting tips (I don’t need ’em, but hey, it’s for the mainstream market ).

They even go as far as printing on the enclosed packing slip, where the closest Behr dealer is so you can go and get gallons, etc. (they actually list the three closest to my address).

Pretty cool, huh…? I guess I should be productive now and go slap some paint on the walls to see what I think of the color….