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Tonle Sap Lake

Went for a boat ride on the Tonle Sap lake, the largest lake in Southeast Asia. Very interesting once you can get past the smell…. You start on a small river/tributary to get to the lake and it’s not the cleanest thing in the world. Kind of reminds me of the canals in Venice… :o). As you are going by, you can see someone rinsing their toothbrush in it and then brushing their teeth/rinsing their mouth… and that is considered clean. But I guess it’s a good thing that they’re brushing their teeth.

There is a village and folks that live along the river and lake in floating houses. Very interesting…. Even the schools were floating and had enclosed play areas for basketball, etc. Pretty cool….

Even neater were the little kids that were floating in what we would consider a wash tub. they just sit in the large plastic basin and float around and paddle their way to where they need to go. One girl was floating along with her pet monkey, it was totally cute…

Later today we are going to see some silk production and then go for a balloon ride and see Angkor Wat from the air….