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Ticketmaster Loses Live Nation, Their Largest Client!

I know that this is a week old, but I ahve been very busy regarding this. I will post some stuff here about it, but I’m not going to comment completely about this for a bit because it pretains directly to business consulting that I do in the ticketing industry. As I said, I ahve been busy regarding this, a lot of folks are asking questions… 🙂

But here are some of the things (not a complete list) of things that you should question….

  • What will happen to ticket prices?
  • What will happen to service charges?
  • How is this going to impact artists/groups?
  • What is going to happen to the buyer data (that is what live nation says this is about)?
  • Will bands/artists/labels have access to this too, or just Live Nation?
  • Will they sell the purchasing history data?
  • Is the ticketing business model going to change, and if so, how? (this is the one that I think is most interesting :-))