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The Phone Call Saga Continues….

So a continuation of my “Phone Call Hell” experience…. After disconnecting all my phones and forwarding all my home calls to another phone that I can more easily control (unlike a home phone in analog world), I’m not getting woken up and screamed at by sales people. It’s interesting how many of these aggressive sales freaks think that I’m keeping them from doing business by not letting them talk to the guy they want, when in fact he’s not at this number and I don’t even know who he is….

Oh, but wait, that’s all changed…. Today, I got a call from either Alon or Elan Darvish. I say that because it appears that there are two of them. They are brothers and both have names that are similar, and possibly sound alike (obviously….) So the calls (one from each) go something like this (I’ll combine the two for brevity)… basically I was asked to change my posting. I was told/admitted that “the other”
did this, not the name that I published. Also that I was defaming the brother that I listed, etc. and that a Google search for the name was bringing up my website and that was having a negative impact on business…. and other things using legal words (one of the brothers commenting to me that they are both lawyers)(I have a lawyer too, btw).

Well, when you start using those types of terms, it puts me back on my heels…. so what did I do? Naturally, I said that I wasn’t going to change my website. I also said (to the second Darvish caller) that if you want me to change it, document to me who posted/did it and I *will* change it. Of course, during both calls I was rhetorically trying to make my argument of “bummer you’re being inconvenienced, but why should I help you when this problem was created by inconveniencing me?”

I didn’t do anything wrong. All I did was document a really bad experience that I was having, to the best of my ability, based on the information gleaned from tons of sales people via the phone. Well, sorry, I don’t know for certain who did it. I was just transcribing names (never spelt).

I will give credit to the first Darvish that called though (they have me confused at this point, which is which)…. he did apologize for what happened and asked what he could do. To wit, I told him that the “sorry” didn’t help much and he wasn’t gonna come answer my phone, so….

By the way neither Darvish 1 or Darvish 2 explained how the wrong phone number ended up on the RFP. Was it a mistake, a goof and do they have private numbers they would like me to publish?

What does this all mean and why am I writing about this yet again…? Well, I write about it ’cause I think it’s interesting, and because I think that it’s all smoke. Again, I did nothing wrong, I wasn’t the one that published an unlisted and previously unpublished phone number. So this is all a bit of pressure to get me to change my site when they know that there is little if anything that they can do ’cause in reality, they are the ones that are in “the wrong”…! If you want me to change my site, buy me a new phone number and pay someone to contact my friends privately to tell ’em. Better yet, I’ll do that; you let the cat out of the bag the first time….

A real pain in the ass, all for an email marketing campaign that I didn’t even know I wanted :-)!