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Projects that take on a life of their own….

Ever have one of those projects that starts small, then grows a bit? The next thing you know, it’s got a mind of it’s own and has grown out of control…. Well, I have a project like that now!

I decided about a week or two ago that I spend a considerable amount of time in my home office, so it needed a fresh coat of paint and a bit of a sprucing up. So I decided on paint and maybe some new carpet. The painting went well. I did it myself and did a great job if i must say so myself (I have a lot of practice, but that’s another story).

What I didn’t count on was what happened next…. When dealing with the carpet, I decided that I might as well bite the bullet and carpet the entire apartment. I had been putting it off for quite a while; not due to cost, but due to the amount of work that it would take. In order to carpet the entire place, I would have to move everything around, which in turn would cause a good “purge”, and it’s that which I have been avoiding for a long while….

So part of the carpet was installed the other day, and I figured that I might as well paint the rest of the place before the rest of the apartment is carpeted. It’s better to get paint on the old carpet that is going to be removed than to get it on the new stuff :-)! I hired a couple of guys that could bang it out in a day, which they did, and they did a good job.

The rest of the carpet is being installed as I type this. It’s the big job, most of the apartment. But it is showing the limitation of the installers. They don’t speak good english, and they aren’t paying attention to the “details”. For instance, they are scuffing up the baseboards that were just freshly painted. They have shorted out a couple of network cables now, having to pull up the carpet they have already laid to replace it…. Not to mention that they arrived at 11:15 this morning when they were supposed to be here around 9:30. I don’t think they are going to finish before the end of the day, having to come back, and that will be a bummer….

But when they are done, all that will be left will be for me to put things back and to rearrange my apartment. Time to get a couple new things, like a flat screen TV, and to make the place truly mine. Until now, it still had some of the colors and carpet that my ex-stepfalther put in before I got the apartment. So now it will be all mine and be new and fresh… I can’t wait, if they would only hurry up on the install :-)!