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Phone Call Hell!

I have a strong dislike for the phone. Anyone that knows me will tell you that. I only like to talk on the phone when I want to talk on the phone… :o)!

So one of those websites where you submit a request for a proposal from hundreds of businesses got a hold of my number. It appears that some guy named Elan Darvish submitted an RFP for email marketing services, with my phone number! Now, I don’t know if it was malicious or just the transposing of numbers, but I don’t know any Elan Darvish and I definitely have NO NEED for email marketing services!

So obviously, my phone is ringing off the hook with folks wanting to offer me email marketing services. For someone that dislikes the phone (often times I don’t even answer it… so if you are trying to get me, email or sms/text me. You’ll have a much greater chance of a response ), this is a huge problem. But I’m trying to be polite and I’m answering the phone, asking the folks to take me out of their Db’s/mailing lists, etc. I explain what has happened and most are very sorry and apologize. They actually sympathize and say “Wow, you must be getting a lot of calls….”, and are helpful and remove me from their call sheet.

Then there are those that are complete asses! Well, I had had enough of this, and form all the phone calls i’d gleaned enough information to be able to find out where the listing was with my number, etc. I contacted that company and a gentleman there was very helpful. Not only did he remove the offending post, but also knew who I was talking about when I mentioned the guy that called that was so unbelievably rude. He said he’s a problem and will take care of it.

Now that was great customer service and I wish all folks were that easy to deal with!