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OK, so I’ve been back for a couple weeks….

First let me say that it was an amazing trip! I would do it again in a heartbeat! While not everything was perfect, you can’t expect it to be over a month’s time, it was so amazing that anything that did go wrong was laughable.

The last week that I spent in Delhi was quite fun. I got to experience special events for Republic Day and meet totally interesting people at events and functions… and then there was always more shopping!

Anyway, when I got home, i got really ill. I got hit with a good fever and let’s just say I had to stay near friendly porcelain… no public restrooms for me :o)! All I have to saay about that is I am glad that I got sick at home and not while traveling. If I would have been this sick, fever for four days, other issues, etc. I would have been miserable! Gotta love western medicine and those great doctors at Cedars :o)!

In the mean time, I have to get back to my normal, decadent life, but I have to write more….