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O.J. Simpson, Get Off My Fucking TV!

I’m going to rant here just a bit…. When he was doing his low-speed chase in the white Bronco, they preempted a major sports event! When the verdict came down as “not guilty”, they preempted yet another major sporting event! And now this….

When did such a loser become the lead story on the nightly news? Living in Los Angeles, we had years of him on the news every night as he went through the legal process for his last debacle! I’m tired of it already…!

The sad part about it all is not the O.J. part of it, but that the news (national and local, not to mention the cable outlets as well) are such crap that they actually think that this is news! Why don’t they report more in depth on something important, such as the tens of thousands being killed/wounded in a useless action in the middle east (I can’t bring myself to call it a war, especially against terrorism whose Oxford Dictionary definition is, “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”… come on, how can you “win” against that?) or Medicare/Medicaid problems, etc.?

I want to be silly rich so that I can buy a TV station, and when the news is on and the anchor says, “Tonight, O.J.”, I can pick up the phone and say “No”… watching the anchor get something said to him/her in their ear, abruptly stop, and move on to the next story :-)!!!!

So sorry for the expletive, but O.J., get off my fucking TV!