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New Car… Another Mini Cooper S!

So it finally arrived… my new Mini Cooper S! I got up yesterday morning and checked the website, as I do every morning (yeah, I know, I’m sick) and it announced my car as, “at retail”.
I patiently waited for 9:16am, I didn’t want to seem too eager and call at 9 on the dot, and asked for my salesperson. I’m told that he won’t be in until 1pm… I’m crushed! So I email him hoping that he answers his email when he’s not at the office, which I find out he does :-)!
We email back and forth and he gets the ball rolling on his end…. the paperwork is done (so all I have to do is initial and sign), the car is prepped, etc. I return my rental car and figure out how to get downtown to the dealer. That was a whole other adventure which was cool, and I’ll write that up later today, I took LA’s mass transit rail/subway.
But I did manage to get my car mid-afternoon and am driving it happily, but not as I type this. Here’s a bad picture of it taken at dusk with my iPhone camera (and emailed, so it decimates the quality)….