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My Mom’s new Mac…!

I must first confess that I am totally jealous! I gladly did the work without one complaint or whine (unusual for me… those three words, and previous sentence, were years in therapy ). Why you ask… I converted my mom from PC back to Mac after many, years away. So she got a new Mac Mini….

While not the fastest processor available today, it’s still a Intel Dual Core chip with a Gig of memory and a dual layer SuperDrive. I’m still using a 12″ G4 PowerBook, while only 7 months old, it’s still old technology. That’s why I’m jealous!

I’m also jealous ’cause the damn thing is fast! I mean really fast! Sure, I’m not running a bad PowerBook (12″ 1.5 G4/1.25Gb/80G/SuperDrive), and like i said, the Mac Mini isn’t the fastest thing out there, but the native apps when run side by side (safari, and other “Apple” apps that are already spruced up for Intel Mac), it’s noticeable! And it’s not just about the app starting up. Pages are rendered faster in Safari, it blows through checking many email accounts, etc…

And it just looks better…. I gave her my Samsung 22″ flat panel and again, it just looks better hooked up to the Mac Mini than it did hooked to the DVI output on my PowerBook.

I want, I want, I want, I want…. or as a friend of mine says, “That pushes my want button…!” But here’s the real dilemma…. what to get? should i wait at least until the 15″ MacBook Pro comes with DL support in the SuperDrive (like the 17″)? Will they get a bump to the new mobile processor (whatever the Core 2 Duo mobile version is called these days) at the end of the year? Do I bite the bullet and get a desktop when they come out and keep the old laptop for mobility…?

So many questions… all I know is that they are beautiful machines and they are really, really fast. I’m glad I went back mac so I can actually see the tremendous difference in these machines!