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Macromedia Sucks!

So I got a new Mac ’cause I couldn’t handle the PC anymore and it was having problems…. I love my new PowerBook :o)! Anyway, I have purchased over 5 copies of Dreamweaver for the PC, not to mention copies of Fireworks, Flash, etc. All in all, I have spent thousands of dollars with Macromedia…. Well, I called because I was having trouble inputting my serial number to to “cross licensing”… totally understandable. When I call, they wouldn’t give me a new serial number, only the option to purchase a new copy for the Mac and they would make my old serial number “work” for the upgrade. That is totally frustrating! Because of this, Macromedia has now lost a customer… I’m going to use another piece of software! Oh, and by the way, the disc that they send out when you buy it is good for both platforms….