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Los Angeles Police/Courts are Broken!!!

So we all know that I got a ticket the other day crossing the street in downtown LA. today I called to try to resolve/pay the fine. I went through the automated phone system and the one online and it had no record of me or the citation (I guess that’s good), so I opted to wait on hold for half an hour to speak with an operator.

When I got an operator, she said that she had no record of it and that it would take up to 21 days for my citation to be in the system. But what about traveling for the holidays, etc.? I told her that I won’t be around then and I’d like to resolve this sooner. Again, she said that she had no proof of the ticket (citation #0578636) but I told her I did, it was in my hand.

When I asked her for her name, she said, and I quote, “Now you are just playing games sir. You signed the ticket saying you would appear, so you have to. Goodbye” and hung up on me….

So here’s the question… should I go downtown to the courthouse and pay/resolve the citation, whether or not it’s in the system? And if it’s not in the system for 21 days, half of the time that I am allowed to get this resolved, and I try to resolve it but they have no record of the ticket, what’s next? If i am going out of town yet they can’t process the citation ’cause of their system, why should I be penalized for their incompetence?

As a former software guy, you have got to be kidding that citations don’t show up in the system for 21 days… What is the officer doing and why does it take 3 weeks for me to be able to give the city of LA money…?