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Leaving Cambodia, Next Stop Bangkok

So I am leaving Cambodia today and heading to Bangkok. What can I say about Cambodia other than it is an amazing place and I will definitely be back to bring other folks so that they can experience what I have. This is a place that is striving to not only make itself better as it moves into the modern world, but the people are actually interesting in your happiness! If you are planing and adventure, Cambodia is should be on your “short list” of places to go!

As for Bangkok, I will be there for four days and staying at the Peninsula. Yeah, I know everyone says that I should stay at the oriental, but I got such a great deal on the room that I just couldn’t pass it up. And it got better ratings in all the most recent travel magazines :o)! See, I can rationalize almost anything… :o)! And to top it all off, the GM of the hotel here in Siem Reap Cambodia (The Raffles) used to work with a gentleman who is now at the Peninsula, so he is going to contact him and let him know that I am coming…. What can I say, it’s all about networking….