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Got Dumped…. Lessons Learned!

So I just got dumped…. That was a first! I’ve always been the “dumper”, not the “dumpee”….

In the past, I would have gotten upset about it and wondered where I went wrong. But over the years, and with help :-), I have learned that I didn’t go wrong, I was just “me”. Previously, I might have gotten angry and said something mean in order to lash out and make the other person feel as “small” as I was feeling with my hurt. But these days, I don’t feel hurt by it, just kind of curious and taking a lesson away from this.

Of course, much of this is said as a rant (tongue-in-cheek of course) and meant to be somewhat humorous and not hurtful….

But the one question that remains is, “When did she know?”

The reason I ask this is because timing is everything… :-). We had just gotten back from a trip to New York. We shopped, went to all the best restaurants, saw the sights and spend a significant amount of money. Next week is my birthday.

So if it was before/during the trip, then why’d she willingly continue to shop and let me buy? If it was after the trip, couldn’t you have waited until after my birthday so I could get one more gift :-)? See, I’m funny :-)….

The title says “Lessons Learned!”, and what are those lessons you may ask. Well, I’ve learned that traveling is a great way to get to know someone, and fast! Nothing like being together 24/7 to see all the nuances. And something is always bound to go wrong during a travel, and that tells a lot, probably too much in my case. I get my way/things fixed, but can make people feel belittled while doing it… not a pretty trait, and can be embarrassing for those around me. OK, enough about me and my shortcomings, what have I learned….

  • Go on a trip, a long weekend or something
  • Don’t spend too much
  • When you do spend, spend on the second trip 🙂
  • Lock yourself in a room 24/7 if you can’t travel 🙂

So you can see, I do have a sense of humor about the whole thing and can laugh. One of the reasons is that it was telegraphed. I got the phone call that said “We should talk, meet me here…” If that isn’t a “Jerry Maguire” moment, I don’t know what is :-). It gave me the opportunity to laugh about it all day until it actually happened. One friend suggested that if she were a real mench, she’d make an offering against the recent trip/gifts (she broke up with me, wearing a coat that I had bought her), but I guess he has issues :-). Another friend suggested that I call back and say, “Hey, I know what’s going to happen so why don’t we just save both of us some time and do it now and not show up…?”. But all of it’s OK, I don’t want or expect anything; however, the suggestion to return the call and save time/get it over with was a good one.

I am nothing but “me”, and I’m fine with that…. She had the problem, and it was with me, and about that I can do nothing :-). I had a good time and learned some stuff…

In the mean time, life goes on and my friends are great and will keep me busy, searching for the next opportunity to get dumped :-). Had dinner last night, post dumping. Boys night out tonight (married friends who’s wives have given them the “night off” to drink and smoke cigars, etc.) and the Oscars tomorrow… So life’s not dull!

Any woman want to get locked in a room with me or go travel and see what happens…?