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Everyone Travel!!!

Well, it’s that time…. a good friend is in town with his wife and baby. They are taking an adventure, a cross country trip with their child, to “see off” their other child which recently passed away. They are an amazing couple and doing well! We have had fun though, so don’t think that it’s all gloom :-). We have laughed, and last night we cried. We walked down to the beach and saw the sunset and said “goodnight” as the sun set and she “went to bed”…. these friends and this incident (the illness and passing) has made a profound difference in me! There will be more on that in the coming days/weeks as I tell you all about what is being done to not only honor the small child that has left us…..
As for me, I am off to New York. A friend from high school is getting married. Can you believe that… I still stay in touch with someone from high school so many years later :-)! My sister is far better at keeping in touch than I am, so this is a rare thing. While I’m there, I’m going to see a couple of other friends (some of my nearest and dearest… we went to college together… and now that I think of it, I have had a group of friends for a long, long time :-)). teh bummer is that I have to wear a tux and it’s going to be raining and chilly this weekend in NY… 🙁
More later as I get back into the writing habit….