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Coffee w/Milk vs. Flat White

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As I continue my coffee learning journey, I am half way through my second bag of beans, and continue to experiment (which will take years, if not a lifetime).

Lately, I have been making coffee w/milk instead of the flat white that I had been making. A flat white has a ratio of 1/1 re: milk to espresso shot, etc., so I try to keep the coffee with milk similarly (or as they would say in Asia, “same, same but different). Knowing that an espresso shot is a “stronger” flavored/extracted bit of coffee in the cup, I try to dilute the coffee similarly with milk as the flat white is. You get the idea, I’m trying to make a similar evaluation, in a non-scientific manner 🙂

I also make sure that any sweetener added is also done at a comparable ratio, and have even gone without any sweetener (yuck).

What have I figured out so far…? I prefer a flat white to a cup of coffee with milk. I still don’t like coffee, but I’m working on it 😁