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Auctioning/Selling Some Domain Names… To Sell or Not To Sell?

I have owned a number of good domain names for quite some time now. I think some were even registered before you actually had to pay… It was done one a first come, first served, way and people just took what they needed. It was a good time back then :-).

I got a couple of good domains… I forgot to get my own name, or my last name, or something like that — what an idiot I am :-)!!!! But I got a couple good names….

and one of my favorites…. and attracts a lot of traffic from Mexico (for obvious reasons, but I wouldn’t have “gotten” it myself if i didn’t see it…)

Well recently I have been made aware of the value of domains lately. There have been a number of past domain auctions, with several lately doing very well, selling domains at a high price. Which makes the idea of selling my domains very enticing. I think I should, but it’s a bit intimidating, especially putting them up for auction.

I have an understanding of the value of these domains. One has some sentimental value, which I know is worth crap :-)… and I’d be happy to sell them. But I don’t want to let them go at a bargain price, although I would consider “fair” prices :-)! So do I put them up for auction, or do I sell them in a direct/private sale, and then to who…?