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Arrival in Phnom Penh

So here I am…. Finally after what was 36 hours by calendar, 18-19 hours flying and 7 hours of layovers, etc. Man was I tired :o)!

First thing you notice when you get off the plane is that it’s hot and humid…. I mean really humid! Beautiful airport, new shiny as compared to Vietnam, which I am sure was built by the US in the 60’s and when I was standing out on the tarmac, I swear that I could just imagine seeing a C-130 coming in to land :o)! Anyway, all three terminals and a very friendly customs staff that wasn’t busy seeing as if we were the only plane…. Got picked up and taken to my hotel….

The ride to the hotel was interesting… It’s called Russian Road for obvious reasons. Totally straight and only one stoplight the whole way. And folks are nuts here…. 3-4 on a motorcycle, folks driving down the wrong side of the street… but everyone is driving slowly and they are all polite and let each other do their “thing”.

The Hotel…. It’s very pretty. Built by the French, again in the 30’s…. it’s where all the reporters stayed while writing about the “killing fields” during the 70’s.

Mosquitos…. I was thinking about not taking my malaria drugs and brave it, but as i was taking the elevator down to breakfast this morning, there were two mosquitos in the elevator with me…. So I think I am going to err on the side of caution and take the drugs.

Jet lag is pretty bad…. I was up at 3am this morning or so…. gonna try to take it easy today and see only a couple of sights (maybe two), and then come in to meet the folks i am going to Angkor Wat with….