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Arrival at the Peninsula Bangkok

So it took a bit of doing as my flight from Siem Reap Cambodia was delayed for a couple of hours, but I finally got here. The driver from the Peninsula Hotel was waiting for me and I said farewell to the family friends that I had been touring Cambodia with….

When the Peninsula took over, things got to a level that is near perfect. It started with the green Mercedes with the driver offering me a cool bottle of water and a towel after the flight. Then of course as I check in, it’s all done in my room and I never have to deal with with front desk. And the room is gorgeous! It’s also huge! And the entire hotel is beautiful…. So I checked in and the first thing I wanted to do was to get some clothes made. Of course the concierge was able to point me in the right direction…. Oh, and did I mention that the hotel has high speed internet access in every room? I just asked the concierge and he gave me an ethernet cable and I’m good to go!

The tailor that was recommended is top notch. They have all the best fabrics and they even have a tailor that comes to the states a couple times a year. What more could a clothes horse want :o)! Anyway, I spent way more than I wanted to, but I won’t have to buy any stuff for quite a while… I got 15 shirts, 3 pairs of shorts copied from my favorite pair, 3 pairs of slacks (again copied), and 2 sport coats. Now the question is, how am I going to fit this all in my suitcase…?

Tomorrow I am going on a tour of the city and its temples and royal palace. Should be quite interesting and beautiful… if I don’t melt first. It’s 94 degrees here and about the same humidity…. Feels like I am living in Houston all over again, and I left there and I left there and haven’t been back….