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2008 Can Go Nowhere But Up… Barf Free Too, I Hope!

I figure taht 2008 has nowhere to go but up and can do nothing but get better! Why you might ask, well it’s all about my New Years Eve, which I am just getting around to writing about….
I went down to San Diego to see a woman that I had gone out with before. We were talking on the phone and neither one of us had plans so we decided it’d be nice to just get together and hang out, not making a big deal of the mandatory celebration that New Years often is.
On my way down to San Diego, in hind sight now, my stomach was not feeling perfect. So I get down there and I stop by my friends house, having texted in the morning that I was leaving and what time I would arrive. No answer at the door, and no one is home. I call both home and mobile numbers and leave a message. Saying I will try back again in a little while, I will go to the hotel I’m staying at and check in.
I get to the hotel, do the check-in thing and have a drink at the bar…. maybe that will settle my gurgly stomach. I go up to my room, try my friend again to no avail and then decide to take a nap. It’s early in the day and I have a full night of New Years Eve ahead of me… little did I know!
I did actually get a bit of a nap in, but that would be the last restful bit I would have for hours to come. I woke up at about 6’ish in the evening, having napped to some sports and off and on for a couple hours, but I woke up feeling worse than before. Now I was nauseous!
Watching some sports, sweating profusely on the bed, I decide maybe I should stand and walk around the room a bit… maybe be nearer the bathroom. BOOM! Next thing I’m rushing to the bathroom and barfing away! I spent the rest of the night between two different states – sweating profusely with the chills, and having my head in the toilet throwing up!
There were some highlights to the evening though…. I learned the expression “selling a buick” ’cause when you yack, it sounds like you are saying b-u-i-c-k :-). Got that one via text from a buddy that I was commiserating with via text as he was heading out to his celebration. Also made the getting stood up not such a big deal, ’cause there was no way I could have done anything or gone anywhere!
So I got sick for the last time about 4 in the morning, and could finally get a couple hours of rest. Woke up early the next morning and just headed home. The drive home was uneventful and I got to miss all the traffic returning from the holiday weekend as everyone else was still asleep with a hangover.
Never did hear back from my New Years Eve date…. No phone call, no text, no nothing. Not even to see if I was OK (I had texted to say I was sick). No biggie, tells me everything I needed to know about her… :-)! Again, being sick and not able to go out softened the blow of being stood-up….
Ends up there was a bug/flu going around and I just happened to get it on a bad day… but like I said, ’08 can only get better :-)!