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The end of Ticketron… 15 years later!

Today is the 15th anniversary of the end of Ticketron…. I have to admit that I had a little something to do with that. I was part of the team that did the conversions at Ticketmaster. This was during my transition from marketing to operations when i worked at Ticketmaster, and my first operations client was one of the first Ticketron clients to come over, convert and go on-sale trough Ticketmaster.

To make a long story short, it was a very long day if I remember correctly…. We had to work some kinks out in the conversion program and had to adjust the remaining seats for the season manually before putting the events back on-sale, assuring that all transfers from one system to the other happened…. No problem, 64 home games left in the season and only about 45,000 seats per game… :o)! But we got it done! We went event by event and checked/corrected/put ’em on-sale and were done by the end of business….

In less than 24 hours we had taken a client that was selling tickets on the Ticketron system, and turned ’em off… transfered all the sales and brought them back up for sale on the Ticketmaster system. It was pretty cool… :o)! 38 days after Ticketmaster purchased select assets of Ticketron, all the clients that were going to, had been converted to the Ticketmaster system, and the Ticketron system was turned off like a light switch….

White Sox fans unhappy with e-tickets Here’s one problem the 1959 Chicago White Sox never faced–some fans who were lucky enough to buy seats to this year’s World Series were disappointed to learn they would receive electronic tickets.

I brought this up not only when i worked at Ticketmaster, but also when I was one off the first employees and VP of Strategy at Tickeetmaster’s largest competitor, A ticket is a memory of the event, and a ticketing company doesn’t just sell tickets, they sell memories! For big time events, you have to offer a hard ticket and hopefully a souvenir ticket that looks cool….

AOL buys into ticket-resale business America Online has set up an online marketplace for the resale of tickets to sporting events, concerts and other shows, the company said Tuesday.

This is a very interesting thing and I don’t know how they are going to manage this. What they are doing, brokering/scalping, is illegal in 13 states. So are some folks not going to be able to access this service based on their geographic location? And what about the reselling limitations on the tickets themselves? For instance, many season seats to sporting events specifically state that they can not be resold, and if so only for face value or X dollars above and/or only through a team sanctioned resale site…. If the industry/team owners/legal eagles decide to crack down on this, it’s going to cause a problem…. But then again, EBay has the same issues and it isn’t stopping them….