My First Car Wreck… Ever! But Damn, Mini’s are Safe!

So I got my drivers license on my 15th birthday…. Yeah, I know that’s early and you are saying how. Well, in Texas (which is where I lived at the time) you could get what was called a “hardship” license. Often these were used for things like rural communities, etc. but I cheated and got mine because, get this… my parents were divorced, my mother worked (college professor and involved with SBA/SBDC) and traveled all the time for business (University and SBA/SBDC stuff) and to top it all off, my older sister was a Congressional Page and living in Washington D.C. What a sob story, huh :-)? Well, it worked and I got my license when I was 15 and have been driving ever since, and I recently turned 40.
In all that time, I had never had an accident. Not even kissed anyone in a parking lot! Well, the other day, my streak came to an end after 25+ years of clean driving. But at least it’s a great story….
I got in my first accident and wrecked a car while I was on a test drive!!! Hadn’t gotten more than about 30 meters around the corner from the dealership when it happened….
What happened? Well, some guy made a right hand turn from the left hand lane! No blinker, brake lights, turn signal… nothing! I hit the brakes hard and even told the sales guy, “we’re gonna hit him, hang on.” In the end we hit him doing maybe 10, 15 MPH tops… No airbags, no one was hurt. Just bruised ego’s….
Couldn’t believe this guy just made a right from the left hand lane, cutting me off and leaving me nowhere to go but into him…. 🙁
I guess I should go and buy a car from the dealership now, at least replacing the “new” car that I have taken out of inventory LOL! I do know that a Mini Cooper S is a very safe car now, even more so than just reading about crash tests :-)…

I Need to Write More!!!

Yea, I know that I am in desperate need for an update….. and so much has happened since the turn of the year. While this one will be short, I am swamped getting work done, etc. as I have family coming into town over the weekend to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday (she’s one of the family coming into town, it’s a long story…), I will make it a point to write more.
Topics that I will write about in the coming days….
• Ticketmaster’s purchase of TicketsNow
• More thoughts on Live Nation leaving Ticketmaster
• Ticketmaster’s purchase of Paciolan
and then there’s all the fun stuff… the soap opera that is my life ;-)! So stay tuned and in the coming days (most likely next week), you will be able to read more.