What a great feature!

Behr.com Color Smart: I had been meaning to try this for a while now, having heard of it before. But I am finally getting around to doing something about my bedroom. It’s been painted the same bad lavender color for years now… :o(!

So I hop online and check out some colors that I think I am interested in. I order them, thinking, “Big deal, they just charged me for paint… the only difference is that I don’t have to go to the store!” Well this is a big deal! This morning, there was a box on my door step… a mere few days since ordering. in the box are two other neatly/nicely packed boxes containing not only my paint samples, but a small paint tray and roller for each. I also got large paint swatch color samples thrown in and a nice little booklet with painting tips (I don’t need ’em, but hey, it’s for the mainstream market ).

They even go as far as printing on the enclosed packing slip, where the closest Behr dealer is so you can go and get gallons, etc. (they actually list the three closest to my address).

Pretty cool, huh…? I guess I should be productive now and go slap some paint on the walls to see what I think of the color….

My Mom’s new Mac…!

I must first confess that I am totally jealous! I gladly did the work without one complaint or whine (unusual for me… those three words, and previous sentence, were years in therapy ). Why you ask… I converted my mom from PC back to Mac after many, years away. So she got a new Mac Mini….

While not the fastest processor available today, it’s still a Intel Dual Core chip with a Gig of memory and a dual layer SuperDrive. I’m still using a 12″ G4 PowerBook, while only 7 months old, it’s still old technology. That’s why I’m jealous!

I’m also jealous ’cause the damn thing is fast! I mean really fast! Sure, I’m not running a bad PowerBook (12″ 1.5 G4/1.25Gb/80G/SuperDrive), and like i said, the Mac Mini isn’t the fastest thing out there, but the native apps when run side by side (safari, and other “Apple” apps that are already spruced up for Intel Mac), it’s noticeable! And it’s not just about the app starting up. Pages are rendered faster in Safari, it blows through checking many email accounts, etc…

And it just looks better…. I gave her my Samsung 22″ flat panel and again, it just looks better hooked up to the Mac Mini than it did hooked to the DVI output on my PowerBook.

I want, I want, I want, I want…. or as a friend of mine says, “That pushes my want button…!” But here’s the real dilemma…. what to get? should i wait at least until the 15″ MacBook Pro comes with DL support in the SuperDrive (like the 17″)? Will they get a bump to the new mobile processor (whatever the Core 2 Duo mobile version is called these days) at the end of the year? Do I bite the bullet and get a desktop when they come out and keep the old laptop for mobility…?

So many questions… all I know is that they are beautiful machines and they are really, really fast. I’m glad I went back mac so I can actually see the tremendous difference in these machines!

My apartment is starting to cook…!

It’s summer in Los Angeles and we are having a bit of a heat wave. So the Valley is 100+ degrees and it’s even hot here by the beach. The desktop widget on my PowerBook says that it’s currently 81 F. While that’s not that bad (I used to live in Houston, Tx), it is hot for the beach. And the way my apartment sits, the sun arcs across it and it just cooks like an oven. The bad part is that it’s the living room where I want to spend the evening watching TV that gets it worst, and late in the day/evening, when you want to watch… :o(!

I can’t believe I let it happen….

So I went out with a friend for drinks tonight…. I didn’t want to go out, but it is my former neighbor and she’s good fun, so we went around the corner for drinks…. To make a long story short, I didn’t want to go out to begin with, I was a bit cranky, etc. Then her roommate came to the bar for a drink. That was all well and good, until at the end of the evening (this is where the “I can’t believe I let it happen” part comes in….). This guy starts talking about how a dance club should be put on the west side and that it would be a no brainer and he doesn’t understand why one hasn’t been done here before…. Well, the conversation got a little heated and I ended up walking out of the bar. While I will admit that walking away was an immature thing to do, but I just couldn’t sit there and listen to a moron who has never run an event, a venue or anything else even remotely close to this (the closest thing this idiot ever did was going out to dance clubs with his friends) tell me about what I have been doing as my vocation for the past gazillion years… Yet another hollywood whatever… :o)

I think it will be the last time for a long while that I go out with these folks…. Life is way to long to be miserable, and these people don’t deserve another moment of my time!