Inside Two Weeks

So here it is, just inside two weeks ’till my big trip. I’m a bit nervous about it… new places and all, being gone a month, etc., but I’m also excited about it. I hope to try to keep track of some of it here and upload pictures to the gallery…

Oh, if I hadn’t told you… I’m going to Cambodia, Thailand and India….

Is this really that personal…?

A friend googled me and read my “about”, looked at pictures, even read entries (i think the first to ever do so )… the comment was something along the lines of “wow, you post personal stuff”. is this really that personal? i don’t talk about my *real* personal life, don’t use names, etc…. i think that it’s a generational thing… my generation is more accustomed to having information disseminated, the generations after me even more so!

Paul McCartney’s last date….

I had the opportunity to see Paul McCartney’s in Los Angeles, at the Staple’s Center. It was a good show, and I’ve seen a lot of shows….

He played so much great stuff, with such a deep catalog to pull from you know he can’t play it all, but he played something for everybody. From the closing, Srgt. Pepper’s, to several Wings tunes even mixing in some of the singles from his new album (and making fun of it, like the quip, “No, I’m not pumping my new album [laugh]….”

And the set design was nice. It wasn’t too much,, expressed some nice imagery, but it didn’t overpower the music. It let that stand on it’s own. I think that Paul’s voice showed that he had been on the road for a while, but it looked like he actually enjoyed singing for us, and that came through in the show.

The crowd was also well behaved, spanning several generations. Upbeat and involved in the show, even singing on cue when requested/required.

So again, a good show. Something for everyone, knowing that you can’t please ’em all….