Macromedia Sucks!

So I got a new Mac ’cause I couldn’t handle the PC anymore and it was having problems…. I love my new PowerBook :o)! Anyway, I have purchased over 5 copies of Dreamweaver for the PC, not to mention copies of Fireworks, Flash, etc. All in all, I have spent thousands of dollars with Macromedia…. Well, I called because I was having trouble inputting my serial number to to “cross licensing”… totally understandable. When I call, they wouldn’t give me a new serial number, only the option to purchase a new copy for the Mac and they would make my old serial number “work” for the upgrade. That is totally frustrating! Because of this, Macromedia has now lost a customer… I’m going to use another piece of software! Oh, and by the way, the disc that they send out when you buy it is good for both platforms….

I love my new laptop

I got myself a 12″ Apple PowerBook 36 hours ago and I am ecstatic. It took me way too long to go back Mac and I am very happy that I have. This machine is all that a laptop should be. While I don’t believe that any computer is perfect, this is damn close…. and the things that it doesn’t do well, I can deal with and the great features more than make up for what few shortcomings there are. If you have any suggestions/tips/ideas, feel free to let me know.

One of the only things that I want that it doesn’t do is convert my Windows Outlook .pst mailbox to the Apple Mail client format (mbox unix format). I might have to write this one myself :o(, and it’s been a long time since I’ve done that….

New Laptop

What can I say, I am totally excited. I bit the bullet today and bought a new laptop. What makes me so excited is not just the fact that it’s a new toy that I can really use (I used to carry a laptop around just about everywhere), but that it’s a Mac. I am excited to be going “back Mac”! I had one of the first Mac’s back when I was in college and used them for years, but business forced me to change. Now I’m back and excited about it. And I look forward to having a small notebook with me so that I can be proactive in what I do and not have to wait until I get home to act, etc…. Very exciting. I will keep you updated as I relearn the Mac, but I know Unix well so this should be fun :o)!