Time to travel….

So it is finally starting to gel… my travel at the end of this/beginning of the New Year. I haven’t really traveled to a new place in a while even though I love it. But this was a great opportunity and I just had to jump on it :o)! So in December, I will be going to Vietnam and Laos. Then in January I will head over to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples. After that, India…. Goa, Rajasthan, and Delhi. On the way home a couple of days in London before I return to Los Angeles… Around the world in far less than 80 days :o)!

White Sox fans unhappy with e-tickets

News.com: Here’s one problem the 1959 Chicago White Sox never faced–some fans who were lucky enough to buy seats to this year’s World Series were disappointed to learn they would receive electronic tickets.

I brought this up not only when i worked at Ticketmaster, but also when I was one off the first employees and VP of Strategy at Tickeetmaster’s largest competitor, Tickets.com. A ticket is a memory of the event, and a ticketing company doesn’t just sell tickets, they sell memories! For big time events, you have to offer a hard ticket and hopefully a souvenir ticket that looks cool….

Court Date

Today I had to go to court to testify regarding a mandlord/tenant matter that didn’t involve me…. What I find interesting about it is the same thing that I came to realize when I went through a long legal battle years ago (I had a suit regarding a business matter, breach of contract, which I won)… neither law school nor passing the bar can be that hard. Once again, it was amature hour…. :o). I understand that there are different “levels” of lawyer, but at least one of these guys is supposed to be “good”, and both of these guys are all over the place. It’s like watching a bad soap opera, it’s a “train wreck” but you can’t stop watching….. now I just want to know what the verdict is going to be!