Email never sent

Do you ever write an email with the intent of it never being sent? I do. It’s kind of a cathartic process. Sometimes it’s not personal thoughts but a response to someone else’s email and you just think before hitting “send”. I am thinking on setting up a “dead letter office” to send ’em to, that way I can keep them almost as a journal of sorts without the intended recipient knowing my thoughts before they are conjealed…..

War on Error

If President Bush wants to show that he “gets” how things need to change and he wants to make improvements, let him hold someone accountable for the post-Katrina fiasco. That would mean that someone’s going to get fired! This would be the first time that the Bush administration held any of his crony/appointees accountable not just for being loyal, but for doing their jobs! Hell, why not, if I don’t perform at my job I run the risk of losing it (and most likely would for errors not nearly as devastating as the Katrina errors)….

That’ll teach me….

So I am sitting on a bench in the morning sun smoking my cigar, and as usual I say “good morning” to folks passing by. So one person I say “hello, how are you?” to comes back with an entire monologue about how she’s pissed off about the lack or response to New Orleans and about the politics of it all….. That will teach me to ask a question when I’m really not interested in the answer!

What happens next…?

As I sit here in lovely Santa Monica, smoking a cigar, I wonder what’s next for the Southeastern US. How are we going to absorb a half a million homeless and jobless inot our economy? What are all of these folks going to do with their lives? And even worse, it pains me not to be able to do anything. Of course I can donate money (which I did), but it’s difficult to watch the scenes on TV and not be able to “lay hands” on the situation….