AOL buys into ticket-resale business America Online has set up an online marketplace for the resale of tickets to sporting events, concerts and other shows, the company said Tuesday.

This is a very interesting thing and I don’t know how they are going to manage this. What they are doing, brokering/scalping, is illegal in 13 states. So are some folks not going to be able to access this service based on their geographic location? And what about the reselling limitations on the tickets themselves? For instance, many season seats to sporting events specifically state that they can not be resold, and if so only for face value or X dollars above and/or only through a team sanctioned resale site…. If the industry/team owners/legal eagles decide to crack down on this, it’s going to cause a problem…. But then again, EBay has the same issues and it isn’t stopping them….

Basquiat at MOCA

I had an opportunity to see the Basquiat retrospective today at MOCA in Los Angeles. It was an interesting show that I thought could have been put on better… for the novice, it would have been better for it to follow more of a timeline of his work and there were some pieces that were not up to par and shouldn’t have been in the show (others should have replaced them but they were there for political reasons in the art world that were explained to me). What made it such a great experience are the family friends that were close personal friends with the artist during his life. They took me and my mother on a personal tour and explained him, his art and all things Basquiat, including interesting and funny stories about him and his friends. What an amazing experience! I would be happy to go and see the exhibit again and explain what I have learned to anyone that wants to go….